Why choose CSharp Computing for HL7 Interface development?

We are fanatical about our customer support. Our HL7 support engineers are available 24/7. Our customer support department is located in Thousand Oaks, California and, if needed, a support engineer flies to a customer's location on a minute's notice. We do not put our customers on permanent holds, we do not switch their calls between call centers, we do not outsource customer support, and we do not ask our customers to call later.

We strongly believe that a good product starts with good engineering and the good engineering starts with a good education. We only employ graduates from the top US schools and near perfect GPAs. All members of our management team have advanced degrees. Developing quality products demands employee commitment, knowledge, and experience; our employs have it all.

Our HL7 interfaces are self-monitoring. They self-correct errors and notify (Voice, Email, SMS) on failures. Our error recovery is so advanced, our interface can detect a problem with the Health Information System it connects to and cause it to reset! Due to the error recovery features, our interfaces run unattended for months on end.

The secret of our success is testing; we spend weeks testing our interfaces. We run a variety of scenarios to make sure that an interface is up no matter what happens to the server it is on, what HL7 messages are sent through or to the network it connects through.

We take technology we use very seriously and we always look for the best possible technology to solve a business problem. We believe that Microsoft.NET is currently the best platform for HL7 interface development; it provides optimal Performance, Stability and Productivity.

When medical records are concerned, we know that the time is of the essence. Our HL7 interface engine can translate thousands records per second. While your clinic may not currently have to transmit this many records, our HL7 interface will scale as your business grows.

We have integrated with Cerner, Cloverleaf, Eclipsys, Epic, Misys, Meditech and Sunquest.