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Most popular programming languages -Trend

Most of us have at one time or another were engaging in "language wars": heated discussion of advantages and disadvantages of using one programming language or another.

To this extent, it is not very difficult to find out what US employers think about programming languages. I have spent about 30 minutes analyzing distribution of programming jobs by language.

May: Software job distribution by programming language

July: Software job distribution by programming language

As you can see, Java is currently the most popular programming language as far as US jobs are concerned. C++ and Visual Basic are slightly behind with Visual Basic loosing market. Perl, JavaScript and PhP are the only scripting languages making the list. Java, C++, C# and Ada are strongly typed languages account for more jobs than weakly typed languages (VB, Perl, JavaScript and PhP).  C# keeps steady at about 8% of programming language market place. Variation in the number of C++ jobs from May to July is most likely due to a search error.